Trends and Innovations in the School of Illustration

There are a variety of different types of schools that teach drawing and illustration. Some schools are part of more prominent universities or colleges, while others are smaller, independent institutions.

Many of these institutions offer certificate programs or degrees in illustration. They are an excellent way for individuals with artistic talents to learn how to use their skills in the world of work.

Atmospheric Gradients

Atmospheric gradients are the changes in a quantity (pressure, temperature, humidity) with distance. They are often used in weather forecasting to predict the next day’s weather.

Gradients can also be used in atmospheric modeling to simulate how air temperature, pressure, and density changes affect a specific atmosphere area. These gradients are often measured using high-resolution satellite data or atmospheric models that can more accurately resolve the mountain atmosphere.

The atmosphere has many different layers, each with its temperature gradient. This is because the heat from the Sun is transferred to different layers of the atmosphere.

Generally, the Earth’s surface temperature is much warmer than the air above it. This is due to the greater concentration of gases in the atmosphere near the surface and the increased density.

If you look at a map of the planet, you’ll notice that the atmosphere’s temperature decreases with altitude. However, this needs to be more consistent across the globe. There is a sharp change in the air temperature as you go poleward from the equator.


Printmaking is an art form that allows the artist to make multiple impressions of one image. This is achieved by transferring ink from a matrix to paper, making the original artwork appear in various copies of the same material.

The practice of printmaking is unique among other art forms because it can create works that can exist in multiple copies. This makes it a valuable and effective tool for artists to communicate their ideas through various mediums, including paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs.

There are several ways to print an image, but all involve a matrix (typically a block of wood, stone, or metal plate). A picture is drawn or carved onto the surface of the matrix, and ink is then applied to the surface.

At the School of Illustration, like Academy of Art University, students are encouraged to explore different printmaking techniques, work collaboratively and build a strong foundation of skills that can be used in various disciplines. They also learn about the history of printmaking and its impact on society and culture.


The French poet Andre Breton formulated a movement that called for artists and writers to explore the world beyond the ordinary. The result was Surrealism, a philosophy and art movement that influenced many artists in the 1920s and 1930s.

A vital concept of the movement was that the unconscious mind played a crucial role in creativity and art. Breton believed that the conscious mind was limited and could not produce creative work, so he encouraged artists to allow their unconscious minds to take center stage.

As a result, many of the artists associated with Surrealism created paintings and sculptures in an unconventional, freestyle style. This approach differed from Cubism, which had gained popularity in the early to mid-twentieth century.

One defining characteristic of Surrealists’ art was that they created mysterious and beautiful work. In this way, they explored largely unknown ideas, focusing on the unconscious mind. They often used techniques such as automatic drawing, which involved applying unfettered, unplanned lines and shapes to create art.

Fun and Engaging Illustrations

Fun and engaging illustrations are often the best way to make a children’s book stand out. They can help kids learn new things, understand complicated concepts, or have a good time.

Illustrators create visually appealing and educational works using eye-catching elements like new gradients, textures, or even a splash of the surreal. In this book, for example, the full-page illustrations help little ones understand Jesus’ story entertainingly and engagingly.

A clear vision for your illustrations is essential before working on them. The age group your image will be aimed at is also crucial. This is particularly true for books that involve a lot of movement, such as a toddler’s book about the Sun or an adult-geared picture book on mindfulness.

One of the most impressive illustrations I’ve seen recently is from Georgia-based Kseniia Kudriavtseva, whose work feels like a homage to the magic of childhood. With a penchant for cozy, magical scenarios and cameos from illustrious historical figures, she has created a portfolio worth a second look at.

Animated Illustrations

Animated illustrations are a great addition to a website or app. They help explain processes and make the matter at hand easier to understand. They also catch the receiver’s attention and engage them longer than a static image.

Moreover, they have the power to bring emotions to the viewers. They evoke joy, pleasure, and delight and ignite our curiosity.

In the School of Illustration, you can learn to create animated illustrations using Procreate and Photoshop. With this course, you’ll learn how to plan a sketch with animation in mind and share your final work on the web.

Creating an animated illustration requires more steps than making a video explainer. First, you need to gather all materials, screens, images, and graphics that will appear in the film. Afterward, it would help if you prepared a storyboard – a sequence of sketches showing the mainframes or scenes, usually with some instructions and dialogue.