What is the Frontalis Muscle? – Definition & Function

Frontalis Muscle

Is your frontalis muscle operating? If you’re like the good sized majority of human beings, you haven’t any clue what the frontalis muscle is or wherein it’s far placed. Hint: it is placed within side the region of your brow. To test to peer in case your frontalis muscle is operating, comply with those easy steps:

  1. Find a reflect
  2. Stand in the front of the reflect and examine your reflection
  3. Raise your eyebrows

When searching into the reflect whilst you raised your eyebrows, did your brow grow to be wrinkled? If so, then your frontalis muscle appears to be operating simply fine!

Frontalis Muscle: Definition

The frontalis muscle is a thin, wide, four-sided muscle placed on the pinnacle the front of the skull (within side the region of the brow). Specifically, this muscle originates from the galea aponeurotic and extends down the brow and inserts or attaches to the pores and skin across the eyebrows and pinnacle of the nose. The galea aponeurotic is a sheet of fibrous tissues that covers the pinnacle of the skull.

Frontalis Muscle: Function

The foremost feature of the frontalis muscle is to elevate the eyebrows and wrinkle the brow, simply as you probably did at the start of the lesson. Since the frontalis muscle inserts or attaches to the pores and skin across the eyebrows, as this muscle contracts, it pulls the pores and skin across the eyebrows up, which ends up within side the eyebrows being lifted.

In order to carry out those functions, the frontalis muscle ought to get hold of electric impulses from the mind thru the cranial nerve VII, a procedure this is referred to as innervation. The cranial nerve VII is likewise referred to as the facial nerve.

Think approximately the closing time you had been in reality amaze or scare. Perhaps it became all through a in reality horrifying film or while buddies and own circle of relatives amazed you on your birthday. When you had been amazed or scared, how did your facial features look? When maximum human beings are bowled over or frightened, their eyebrows are raised and their brow turns into wrinkled. Therefore, the frontalis muscle is used to generate those varieties of facial expressions.

Origin and insertion

Occipitofrontalis muscle includes muscle bellies related via way of means of epicardial aponeurosis that spans the dome of the skull. Frontal stomach overlies the brow and has no bony attachments. Its superficial fibers originate from the epidermis of the pores and skin and subcutaneous tissue of the eyebrows, whilst deeper fibers get up from the advanced components of procerus, orbicularis oculi and corrugator supercilia muscular tissues.

The stomach then publications posterolateral to insert into the epicardial aponeurosis anteriorly to the coronal suture of the skull. Occipital stomach overlies the again of the skull. It originates from the lateral -thirds of the advanced nuchal strains of occipital bone. After a brief route superiorly, their muscle fibers insert into the epicardial aponeurosis posteriorly to the lambdoid suture.


Occipitofrontalis is discover deep to the subcutaneous tissue of the pores and skin of the scalp and superficial to the periosteum of the skull.

Once they depart the orbits, supraorbital and supratrochlear arteries and nerves tour over the anterior floor of the frontal stomach. Hence, the anterior floor of the occipital stomach cross via way of means of the more occipital nerve and occipital artery.

Blood deliver

Blood deliver to each components of occipitofrontal is comes from numerous branches; Frontal stomach is furnish via way of means of the ophthalmic artery and frontal superficial temporal artery. Additionally, occipital stomach gets blood from the occipital department of posterior auricular and descending department of occipital artery. All the arteries imparting this muscle are the branches of outside carotid artery. Besides for the ophthalmic artery which arises from the inner carotid artery.


Occipitofrontalis muscle has numerous moves relying on which of its attachments is fix.

When its aponeurotic attachment is fix, the frontal stomach elevates the eyebrows and pores and skin of the brow. Hence, generating a facial features of surprise or surprise. When its brow attachment is fix, the frontal stomach aids the procerus, orbicularis oculi and corrugator supercilia muscular tissues. To frown the eyebrows via way of means of pulling the scalp forwards and wrinkling the brow. Since the muscle heads of the frontal stomach separate. It’s far feasible to carry out those movements on most effective one of the halves of the face.

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