A Guide For Entering an International School in Hong Kong

Most countries are made up of public and private schools. Finding the best international school in Hong Kong is easier once you know the difference between such two prospects.

Some parents prefer sending kids to a public school to take advantage of the more strict approach to educating students. There is a bit of pressure, however, it is necessary to discipline youngsters. While international schools promote comfort and yet offer high-quality education up to higher levels. Whichever school you pick, each will guarantee a good future for children.

Moreover, the education culture in Hong Kong is Western-based. This is why schools plan to reduce the stress every student could experience while reaching their dreams. It is way more possible with private schools, despite the higher education costs.

Hong Kong’s Education System

Attending public schools in Hong Kong is free. It applies from primary to senior high school which benefits parents a lot. The majority of the schools are government-funded or through charities of any religious sector. However, other schools are not free, such as those subsidized by the government and most private schools.

Another factor that distinguishes a private school from a regular school is the curriculum. International students take profit on cutting-edge subjects that they can use in competing with the global market when looking for jobs. The government has nothing to do with private international schools but is safe for local and foreign students.

Hong Kong made a lot of changes in its education system over the years. The increasing number of students having mental breakdowns becomes a doorway to less stressful schooling. Part of the changes is the elimination of mandatory exams for primary and junior high school. Nonetheless, it did not compromise preserving the culture of Hong Kong among students.

Why Choose Hong Kong?

Children from 6 to 15 years old can go to school willingly. There will be no fees from primary to secondary level in public schools. The total number of years a person could attend school is 12 years which is enough to get ready for the next chapters.

Hong Kong follows a specific range of ages for each school year. For instance, kindergartens must be 3 to 6 years old to meet the necessary age to graduate senior high school at 18 years old. Finishing secondary education will grant students a diploma.

The grading system also varies and consists of a number and a letter with 5A being the highest and 1 means fail. It is based on the 4-point system that most Western schools adhere to.

School hours will last for seven hours from 8:00 to 15:00. This is not different from other Asian international schools.

Furthermore, educators in public and private schools use Chinese or English language during lectures. International schools operate in English only.

Five Levels of Education

Hong Kong does not vary from other countries on the level of education they offer, including:

  1. Daycare
    Kids ages 3 to 6 can go to daycare centers on either a full or half-day basis. They also allow homeschooling for better comfort.
  2. Kindergarten
    There are different curricula made for kindergartens. It includes language, arts, science, mathematics, and more subjects that develop a child’s social skills. The educators use unique methods to easily catch their attention.Only private schools offer kindergarten education in Hong Kong which requires fees. Gladly, preschool institutions came out to offer education for free.The kid’s schedule depends on location and grades, whether whole or half-day.Expect to spend not beyond 9000 bucks per year in sending your kid to a private kindergarten school.
  3. Primary School
    Classes are categorized in morning and afternoon to avoid overcrowding in the school vicinity.Parents can rely on the comprehensive list of schools to easily pick the right school. Students shall be admitted to a primary school in two ways – Central allocation or discretionary admission.The fees vary for public and private schools accepting primary students. Be prepared to pay additional charges every year.
  4. Secondary School
    The secondary level is split into two parts – junior and senior high school. Each will last for three years wherein the prior is mandatory while taking senior level will be up to the parents and students.Applying for secondary school is similar to that for primary schools.
  5. Higher Education
    Getting a degree in Hong Kong will take four years. But, there are three-year courses that can guarantee a good future as well.The decision depends on whether the person chooses to stay in Hong Kong or move abroad to study.Lastly, universities operate in English making them ideal for accommodating foreign students.

Perks For New Students

There is nothing to worry about if you are a new student in Hong Kong. In fact, it comes with a lot of perks attending an international school in Hong Kong, such as:

  • Learning the Chinese language for free within six months.
  • Part-time job opportunities to meet the student’s needs.

Final Words

It is not difficult to enter public or private schools in Hong Kong. The standards are clear enough at each level of education. And also, taking advantage of free education is possible up to the secondary level.

Students are urged to continue a degree either within or outside Hong Kong to be more globally competitive in the future.